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Tandy’s Manufacturing Ent is a well-established business with trade and manufacturing experience for over 23 years. We are a unique business that processes primarily locally grown fruits and herbs into manufactured Foods.  Tandy’s started in the cottage industry and was introduced to the local market by Proprietor Mr. Burt Denny using his knowledge and skill of his family Recipe.
Response from consumers was overwhelming and very soon the demand for Tandy’s Products Grew. As Time went by we added more products to our Production line.  Today Tandy’s is one of the leading Producers in its field, supplying superior quality products to homes and households in both Local and foreign markets. The programs that we have instituted are based upon the SQF model for safety and quality as of 2013. The goal of the Tandy’s Manufacturing is for continuous improvement and for ongoing compliance to the SQF 2000 System.




Products Produced


Peanut Butter, Jams, and Jellies, Fruit Mix for Cakes, Guava Cheese, Pepper sauce, Green seasoning, Mango and Tamarind Achar, Chinese Seasoning Sauce 
Quality: Currently in pursuit of being SQF 2000 Certified.



Achievement award for Best Manufacturing Project 1990 from Institute of Private Enterprise Development. President’s Award in recognition of the company’s growth in domestic market share through innovative packaging and labeling,2009 from GMSA (Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association  Limited)

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